The Tenth Doctor descends deeper into the Dalek universe

Big Finish has revealed further story details and a trailer for Doctor Who: Dalek Universe 2, featuring the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant), Anya Kingdom (Jane Slavin) and Mark Seven (Joe Sims) in more full cast audio adventures alongside Big Finish favourite Blake Ritson (Adam Adamant Lives!). Details below…

David Tennant and Tom Baker are out of time!

Released today (26 August 2020) is the first part of Doctor Who: Out of Time. We’ve also details of the rest of the series of three special multi-Doctor releases. The press release is after the break…

Doctor Who: Echoes of Extinction — double vinyl release

Big Finish has revealed another part of Time Lord Victorious, this time it’s a vinyl release for two Doctors. We’ve linked adventures for Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor and David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor. The vinyls can be listened to in either order! The Big Finish press release follows below.

The Christmas Invasion review

It’s that curious weekend between Christmas and New Year. We have had no Christmas special for the second year running, but in eight days time we will have had two episodes of series 12! Until then I thought I’d cover one of my favourite of the Christmas specials – The Christmas Invasion.

What did the Radio Times make of the Tenth Doctor?

It’s October and it’s (to a lot of modern viewers myself included) the Doctor. David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor. Surely the Radio Times will have almost wall-to-wall five-star reviews of his time in the role? The truth may surprise, and let’s remember he did (by modern standards) appear in a lot of stories. They can’t all…

Tenth Doctor: One Mile Down review

The second release in The Tenth Doctor Adventures Volume 3, is One Mile Down by Jenny T Colgan. Unlike the previous episode, there’s no Sylvia or Wilf, but we do have Judoon. And fish people. And any moment now, disaster leading to…

Tenth Doctor: No Place review

The Tenth Doctor and Donna are back and this time they’ve brought the family! Yes, David Tennant and Catherine Tate are joined by Jacqueline King (Sylvia Noble) and Bernard Cribbins (Wilfred Mott). First in the Tenth Doctor Adventures Volume 3 is the James Goss story No Place. Come on in!

Wilf comes to Big Finish (with Donna and the Tenth Doctor)

Big Finish has announced a third volume of Tenth Doctor Adventures. Apart from the headline news of David Tennant and Catherine Tate back as the Doctor and Donna, we also get Jacqueline King reprising Sylvia Noble again and Bernard Cribbins as Wilf.

The return of Rose!

In site-breaking news yesterday at 17:15, (or just before), Big Finish announced the hardly-leaked news many fans couldn’t believe even as it happened: Billie Piper in studio with David Tennant for The Tenth Doctor Adventures Volumes 2. We were teased mercilessly by John Dorney and David Richardson and as excitement came to the boil we got the…