Tenth Doctor: One Mile Down review

The second release in The Tenth Doctor Adventures Volume 3, is One Mile Down by Jenny T Colgan. Unlike the previous episode, there’s no Sylvia or Wilf, but we do have Judoon. And fish people. And any moment now, disaster leading to…

One Mile Down

Unusually, the synopsis is to the point and avoids deception:

Donna and the Doctor take a holiday in the beautiful underwater city of Vallarasee.

Things have changed since the Doctor last swam through. Vallarasee is now enclosed in an airdome, with Judoon patrolling historic sites. Now, instead of tourists wearing breathing-helmets, native Fins are forced to adapt.

But leaks are trickling into the dome. The Judoon must be persuaded that disaster is imminent, or thousands will be trapped, as the waters rise…

At heart One Mile Down is a well-crafted tale of the downside of tourism, exploitation and racism (or is that bigotry?) We have the oppressed Fins, the multitudes of tourists, a love story and despite the ever-present danger of the airdome collapsing, some wry humour. Then there are the Judoon with Nick Briggs in fine form and a strong vein of humour yet authority.

The Doctor is his usual jolly self, blagging his way with psychic paper and charm, but it’s Donna who is pivotal to making connections and identifying just how to save the day.

If the moral lessons are plainly stated, it’s no more than Doctor Who has always done and it’s a solid story with much to enjoy.

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