Judoon in Gloucester for Series 12

We know there’s filming in Gloucester, but the BBC has also told us the Judoon are back in series 12 and will meet the Thirteenth Doctor. Hands up who had them top of their list of Doctor Who monsters they’d most like to see return? I thought not. Still, I don’t think it’s a bad thing and I did enjoy Nick Briggs’s junior Judoon in the recent Tenth Doctor Adventures: One Mile Down.

To Judoon or not to Judoon?

Of course Chris Chibnall is damned whatever he does. If he uses all new monsters we complain about missing our favourites. If he uses something like the Judoon we moan about not having Daleks or Cybermen. If he uses those we get bored waiting for the series to get to the Dalek or Cybermen story.

I’ve no axe to grind with the Juddon, and it could have been any of:

  • The Slitheen
  • One of Abzorbaloff’s kin
  • The Silent
  • The Weeping Angels
  • Some other generic human alien with odd make-up and no personality.

I’ve had enough of some of those, and am waiting for Big Finish to make the others more intriguing (already started with some).

It’s a bit of publicity while time crawls its way to the next series. Roll on the next announcement!

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