Thoughts ahead of Fugitive of the Judoon

Series 12 of Doctor Who continues (after a strong outing in Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror) with the Vinay Patel story Fugitive of the Judoon. Again the gallery tells us little – we got more from the all the fan pics of the filming in Gloucester last year! With little to go on, what might we say about this next story for the Thirteenth Doctor?

The Judoon are coming

We’ve seen the Judoon before, of course. When we met Martha Jones the backdrop was the Judoon’s single-minded desire to apprehend an alien. With a title like Fugitive of the Judoon I do hope this isn’t just a re-run of Smith and Jones.

Vinay Patel wrote Demons of the Punjab, a story where we might have judged the aliens by appearance but actually they were not malevolent. We also learned a little bit of history. Is there similar ground to tread in Gloucester? I spent some time there as it happens last year. The centre is historic, the quayside a good place for a Christmas Market and a great cathedral. No idea how that helps!

The only guest actors play Ruth and Lee Clayton who sound like they might be the human couple caught in alien attack. There’s also Gat played by Ritu Arya (Humans, Last Christmas) – I’m guessing she might be the fugitive.

I’m somewhat optimistic about this story and just hope we get something meaningul for Yaz, Ryan or Graham to do. I also hope the Doctor isn’t just reduced to shouting at the Judoon and telling everyone how brilliant it all is.

We shall see!

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