BBC teases Something Big for Fugitive of the Judoon

I was taking a look at the local press coverage for Gloucester based Fugitive of the Judoon and saw they were leading with a BBC tease – Thought The Master Returning Was Big? Cue lots of the inevitable speculation – River Song, Captain Jack…

Rumour time!

I always trot out the what about Susan idea in these situations, but I’m more inclined towards a Master return and another Time Lord. Radical would be a relative of the Doctor, but someone like Rasillon could be more likely. The piece is: BBC says you won’t believe what happens in this week’s Doctor Who filmed in Gloucester.

If we want a wild idea what about the Judoon are actually after the Doctor and we learn:

  • Her real name
  • Why she left Gallifrey
  • Who Susan’s parents are
  • Just where are the missing episodes?

Let’s chat after the episode!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Tony Jones says:

    I see I wasn’t bold enough, though we got Captain Jack! River next?


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