Day of Doctor Who remembered

Day of Doctor WhoThanks to the work of Colin Brockhurst, fans of Doctor Who can once more savour some of the classic fifth anniversary story The Day of Doctor Who. As fans know this was transmitted on November 23rd, 1968 and featured not only the first two Doctors, but also the original War Doctor, Peter Cushing. Colin may be known to some people as the designer behind fanzine Vworp Vworp!

If you visit Colin’s site, he has collected together the only surviving mementoes from the show including Radio Times covers, telesnaps showing the First Doctor romancing Queen Elizabeth and much else besides. Do have a look: Day of Doctor Who Collection.

This memorabilia is all available to buy on eBay and definitely worth a look.

Six DoctorsOf course, it’s all a spoof but the items are available, and I for one rather like the look of the 1983 anniversary story still from The Six Doctors, which once again gives us Peter Cushing (see picture).

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