Big Finish War Doctor and Ninth Doctor offers

The Big Finish celebration of series 11 of Doctor Who continues with offers including both the War Doctor and the Ninth Doctor. As ever some good titles, and I’d like to highlight the Churchill Years as being worth a listen (both volumes). Full details: THIRTEENTH DOCTOR SPECIAL OFFERS WEEK 9. — Message Ends —

War Doctor Volume 4 review on CultBox

I reviewed the phenomenal War Doctor Volume 4:Casualties of War on CultBox. It’s really rather good (the boxset, not my review!), and no hesitation in awarding 5*! The review is: ‘The War Doctor’ Volume 4 review: A raft of great performances in ‘Casualties of War’. /// Message Ends \\\

War Doctor Volume 2: Infernal Devices review

Hot on the heels of The War Doctor Volume 1: Only the Monstrous comes The War Doctor Volume 2: Infernal Devices. If the first volume was Nick Briggs re-capturing some flavours of Dalek Empire from the point of view of a set of intriguing characters, this volume is a study in themes, almost an audio essay, by John…