Regenerations — a War Doctor charity collection from Chinbeard Books


Coming on August 3rd 2020 is Regenerations a collection of stories written for charity and telling part of the story of the War Doctor. It’s a limited edition, so pre-ordering is advised. Look for a review soon.

Further details below…

Time to put things right?

“Something has gone very wrong with time!”

The Time Lord formerly known as the Doctor has been fighting the Time War for as long as he can recall. His previous lives — all those triumphs and tragedies — have been boxed up and filed away, too painful to revisit.
That is until something — or someone — begins tugging at the thread of the Doctor’s past. As familiar stories twist and shift, threatening the stability of the universe itself, the reluctant Warrior finds himself with only one option.

He has to save the Doctor.

A charitable anthology of twisted tales, raising money for Invest In ME .(

Edited by Kenton Hall.

Writers include: Simon A Brett, Dan Barratt, Barnaby Eaton-Jones, Christine Grit, Kenton Hall, Steven Horry, Andrew Lawston, Nick Mellish, Lee Rawlings and Alan Ronald. Cover Art by Steven Horry, with colour by  Chiara Lowe Bonacini.

A non-profit, unofficial, charity anthology — with no copyright infringement intended. 

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