Ian Levine’s Dalek Master Plan

And now for something completely different – a project to produce something that might be truly wonderful, Ian Levine’s proposal for an animated Dalek Master Plan. I shamelessly lifted the gorgeous picture of Hartnell as the First Doctor from a posting on this topic on the JR Southall blog ‘Watching Doctor Who‘.

As JR’s post covers, Ian is looking for a source of funds for this – maybe anyone reading this who scoops a lottery jackpot might see this as a worthwhile investment?

Interesting comparisons with Shada are given and having seen the animation in the Second Doctor story The Invasion which I liked I suspect this has a lot of potential.

If nothing else we might get to see Sara Kingdom in action as opposed to having just the soundtrack and the odd surviving tape to comfort us as we reminisce and dream of the lost tapes…

Thoughts – would you buy a fully animated Dalek Master Plan or is it just one more reason for your piggy-bank to weep?

Let me know!

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  1. Wilting Kroton says:

    Levine is always ‘looking for funds’ for his pet projects. How often do they ever get off the ground? This will end the same way most of his projects end: with Levine slandering all and sundry, and painting himself as a heroic victim of circumstances.


    1. admin says:

      We shall see, you may well be right but I rather hope it gets made


  2. John says:

    You can already see Sara in Counter Plot and Escape Switch.


    1. admin says:

      Something I clearly need to check out!

      Some time later (having gotten brain into gear) – yes I see what you mean not all episodes are missing! Will update post!


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