David Tennant in Doctor Who: Dalek Universe

Coming in 2021 (and not part of Time Lord Victorious) David Tennant is back in Doctor Who: Dalek Universe. It’s very much Terry Nation’s view of the Daleks, and seems set in the same continuity David Tennant played Galanar in 2004’s Dalek Empire series 3. Let’s add in Tom Baker, Louise Jameson and John Leeson;…

Time Lord Victorious reveal

A few minutes after my last post, and now it’s full details! And it’s big; really big! See COMING SOON: Time Lord Victorious. Let’s just look at those Doctors (including the Ninth Doctor), Rose, Ood, Daleks, book, comic, audio, escape room.. What a list! Twelve weeks starting September 2020! *** Messsage Ends ***

Dalek Awakens escape room coming soon

Following the success of their previous Doctor Who themed escape room Worlds Collide, Escape Hunt is launching (March 2020) a new room titles Dalek Awakens. Tickets are on sale now for Reading and Birmingham; fans in Norwich and Basingstoke can join a mailing waitlist.

What do we know about Revolution of the Daleks?

While I let my review for The Timeless Children simmer, I’m turning my attention to the 2020 Christmas / New Year special Revolution of the Daleks. Brownie points for both a Dalek title beginning with R (there’s a list) and the possibility of evolution hidden inside (well we’ve just had an ascension!)

Emissary of the Daleks review

August 2019 brought Emissary of the Daleks to the main range. Andrew Smith wrote this Sixth Doctor and Peri tale, and as the title makes clear there are Daleks. A tiny part of me wondered why it wasn’t called Representative of the Daleks to fit with the ‘R’ them for Dalek stories. Most of me…