Anna Carteret is The Apothecary in Gallifrey Time War 4

Juliet Bravo meets the Time Lords in Gallifrey: Time War 4, as British television legend Anna Carteret guest stars in the thrilling conclusion to the Time War saga. Released in February 2021, this full cast audio drama will bring Hartley to Gallifrey, as Anna Carteret makes her Big Finish debut as a wise and patient friend of Narvin…

Gallifrey Weapon of Choice for free!

Free this week on download (w/c 28 September 2020) is Gallifrey Weapon of Choice. It’s only available for one week, so get to it! The Big Finish press release follows. And read to the end for details of this week’s sale.

Richard Armitage is Rassilon in Gallifrey: Time War 4

Big Finish has released details for the end of the Gallifrey: Time War season, and we’ve returning characters, along with Richard Armitage in the role of Rassilon. It’s not available until February 2021, so until then here’s the full press release…

Gallifrey: Time War 3 review on CultBox

Away from the TV but still Gallifrey (if only the title) I enjoyed Gallifrey: Time War 3 from Big Finish. I found some faults, but in the end it’s a good set. My review is: Gallifrey: Time War 3 audio review. +++ Message Ends +++

Gallifrey Time War Volume 2 review

Things ended badly for Romana at the end of Gallifrey Time War Volume 1 and she struggles to turn things around throughout this new Volume 2. Spoiler alert: Rasillon is back and now in charge. This can only mean the Time War is about to get very serious indeed…

Big Finish announces The Legacy of Time

Big Finish has announced it will celebrate 20 years of Doctor Who releases with a major boxset The Legacy of Time to be released in July 2019, the anniversary of the first release, The Sirens of Time. It’s a huge multi-range, multi-Doctor, multi-character crossover epic six story spectacular. Do check the Big Finish website for full details, let’s just…

Notes on Gallifrey Time War volume 1

In Gallifrey: Time War Volume 1, Big Finish has spun lots of plates to bring various elements of its Gallifrey continuity into line, ready to connect to the various Time War stories also coming out (mainly those of the Eighth Doctor). In this set of four stories, David Llewelyn, Tim Foley, Scott Handcock and Matt Fitton get…

CultBox review of Gallifrey: Intervention Earth

Here’s my CultBox review of Gallifrey: Intervention Earth – ‘Doctor Who’ spin-off audio story review: Big Finish’s ‘Gallifrey: Intervention Earth’. Juliet Landau’s Romana meets Omega – sparks will fly! As ever, comments welcome and I aim to produce a review here soon! -+- Message Ends -+-

Worlds of Doctor Who reviewed

To mark the fifteenth anniversary of the Doctor Who licence, Big Finish released the four-disc connected set of stories The Worlds of Doctor Who. In my mind any such collection should achieve at least three things: Each story should work in its own right It should work as a set It should celebrate and not just be very good. How…

Big Finish 15 – 2004

As expected, 2004 is all about Gallifrey. As the celebration of 15 years of the Big Finish main range continues. What is a surprise is the announcement of a new release Gallifrey – Intervention Earth which will be released in March 2015. I will be trying the first series so expect a review in a week or two….