Anna Carteret is The Apothecary in Gallifrey Time War 4

Narvin and The Apothecary

Juliet Bravo meets the Time Lords in Gallifrey: Time War 4, as British television legend Anna Carteret guest stars in the thrilling conclusion to the Time War saga. Released in February 2021, this full cast audio drama will bring Hartley to Gallifrey, as Anna Carteret makes her Big Finish debut as a wise and patient friend of Narvin (Seán Carlsen) called the Apothecary. Full details below…

The final chapter?

Carteret is best known for her roles in The Raving Beauties (1982), Send In The Girls (1996) and as Inspector Kate Longton in the long-running BBC TV series, Juliet Bravo (1983-85). Her family are no strangers to Big Finish, either – daughter Hattie Morahan plays popular companion to the Eighth Doctor, Helen Sinclair, in three Doctor Who series (Doom CoalitionRavenous and Stranded), while son-in-law to be, Blake Ritson, is currently starring in Adam Adamant Lives!  

Of her role as the Apothecary, Anna Carteret said:

“I read the script and immediately thought, ‘I want to do this,’ because my character is very honest. I’m 78 now and the good thing about being old is that nobody cares what you look like, what you say, what you do, or what you wear. And that, in a way, is a sort of release. It’s freeing.  

“The Apothecary loves sharing her knowledge with someone young, you know? And it’s just such a joy. Who is it that influences you to be what you become? Audio drama can be so powerful. It takes you through such an emotional journey. I loved it.” 

Producer and director Scott Handcock added:

“The Apothecary is a fascinating character from Narvin’s past and I knew, from the moment I started reading Lou Morgan’s brilliant script, that we’d need someone truly special to bring that part to life. Anna Carteret brought just the right balance of twinkle and wisdom to the role, conveying a sense of the Gallifrey long-forgotten. Seán and I will never forget our day welcoming her to the Doctor Who universe!” 

Gallifrey: Time War 4 is available for pre-order at £22.99 as a collector’s edition five-disc CD box set or £19.99 as a download, exclusively from   

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