Notes on Gallifrey Time War volume 1

In Gallifrey: Time War Volume 1, Big Finish has spun lots of plates to bring various elements of its Gallifrey continuity into line, ready to connect to the various Time War stories also coming out (mainly those of the Eighth Doctor). In this set of four stories, David Llewelyn, Tim Foley, Scott Handcock and Matt Fitton get to line up the pieces ready for an (as yet) unannounced future.

Gallifrey Time War

All the players have their moment in the sun, including Ace, Leela and Braxiatel, but this is really about Romana and Narvin dealing with the aftermath of Romana losing the presidency. The first story is more shouting than action, the second a mix of action, conniving and dodgy science, but all through there are hints of manipulation and double-dealing, leading to some clever and bold moves to link this range to the TV continuity without breaking anything. There’s some modern political allusions, but no real axe grinding, just a set of stories in a world familiar to fans of this range. I suspect others will find it opaque in places: I for one haven’t heard the early Benny stories and have little idea of the complexity of Braxiatel’s arc.

Overall it’s a decent set, but does feel (in places) overshadowed by what is to come.

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