Bernice Summerfield 6: Lost in Translation review on CultBox

The New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield Volume 6: Lost in Translation (to give it its full name) is yet another great set of stories for Lisa Bowerman and David Warner. My review is on CultBox: New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield Volume 6: Lost in Translation audio review. It really is a very long title! ***…

Bernice Summerfield 6 released!

Last week we had Free Benny, this week the release of New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield Volume 6. What happens when and unbound Doctor goes to Gallifrey? Press release below…

Richard Armitage is Rassilon in Gallifrey: Time War 4

Big Finish has released details for the end of the Gallifrey: Time War season, and we’ve returning characters, along with Richard Armitage in the role of Rassilon. It’s not available until February 2021, so until then here’s the full press release…

Big Finish announces more Jacobi vs McGann

Big Finish has announced details of two new boxsets featuring Sir Derek Jacobi’s War Master vs Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor back in the Time War. Releases are scheduled for October 2020 and August 2021. Full details below.

Gallifrey: Time War 3 review on CultBox

Away from the TV but still Gallifrey (if only the title) I enjoyed Gallifrey: Time War 3 from Big Finish. I found some faults, but in the end it’s a good set. My review is: Gallifrey: Time War 3 audio review. +++ Message Ends +++

War Master vs Unbound Master – December 2019

Big Finish has revealed details for the December 2019 War Master: Anti-Genesis. Derek Jacobi as the War Master. Nick Briggs as the Daleks. Seán Carlsen as Narvin. Mark Gatiss as the Unbound Master. Yes, it’s Master vs Master in the biggest story for the War Master so far.

Gallifrey Time War Volume 2 review

Things ended badly for Romana at the end of Gallifrey Time War Volume 1 and she struggles to turn things around throughout this new Volume 2. Spoiler alert: Rasillon is back and now in charge. This can only mean the Time War is about to get very serious indeed…

What Gallifrey did in the Time War

Big Finish has just announced three new boxsets in the Gallifrey range, and alongside Romana and Narvin, Terrence Hardiman joins as Rassilon himself!

Quantum Possibility Engine review on CultBox

My review for the Guy Adams Seventh Doctor, Mel, Ace and Narvin story The Quantum Possibility Engine is now live on CultBox: Doctor Who: The Quantum Possibility Engine review. *** Message Ends **

Short Trips: Erasure review

March 201 ended with the release of the Short Trips story Erasure. It’s noteworthy for several reasons. First it’s written and directed by Garry Russell, former Doctor Who producer for Big Finish (1998-2006) and much else besides (actor, writer, DWM editor…). The story is also the first appearance in the range for Narvin, a major player in the Gallifrey range of…

Notes on Gallifrey Time War volume 1

In Gallifrey: Time War Volume 1, Big Finish has spun lots of plates to bring various elements of its Gallifrey continuity into line, ready to connect to the various Time War stories also coming out (mainly those of the Eighth Doctor). In this set of four stories, David Llewelyn, Tim Foley, Scott Handcock and Matt Fitton get…

Dark Eyes 3 reviewed

The third of what we are told will be four Dark Eyes boxsets was released in November 2014. The central protagonists are the Eighth Doctor, Molly, Liv Chenka and the Master. Gone are the Daleks and back is the Eminence. Add Dr Sally Armstrong, Narvin and a good sprinkle of new characters and aliens and next stop universal…