War Master vs Unbound Master – December 2019

Big Finish has revealed details for the December 2019 War Master: Anti-Genesis. Derek Jacobi as the War Master. Nick Briggs as the Daleks. Seán Carlsen as Narvin. Mark Gatiss as the Unbound Master. Yes, it’s Master vs Master in the biggest story for the War Master so far.

Master vs Master

Billed as the final (surely not!) War Master set and blending TV to Big Finish original we have a set of stories surely guaranteed to intrigue and thrill.

The Big Finish press release tells us:

It takes a Master to defeat a Master…. Sir Derek Jacobi and Mark Gatiss battle it out this December in a new four-part adventure from Big Finish Productions. 

Attention people of the universe! In the final chapter of The War Master saga, the Master (played by Derek Jacobi), unleashes his most audacious plot yet – as leader of the Daleks… And it’ll take a Master from another universe (Mark Gatiss) to stop him… 

The War Master: Anti-Genesis also features listeners’ favourite Narvin, played by Seán Carlsen, joining the fight against the most Machiavellian Master of them all, with Nicholas Briggs as the voice of the Daleks.

I for one can’t wait! Roll on December…

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