Killing Time with the War Master!

You can’t keep a bad man down! Sir Derek Jacobi returns as the War Master in a brand-new full-cast audio drama box set from Big Finish Productions due for release August 2021. This time, the Master comes up against two of the Doctor’s friends… It’s Jo Jones (Katy Manning) and Nyssa of Traken (Sarah Sutton) and it’s not…

Masterful cover reveal!

Big Finish has just released the cover for Masterful. It’s interesting — count the number of Masters! There’s also more detail on the release itself particularly the extras. The press release is below.

Big Finish announces more Jacobi vs McGann

Big Finish has announced details of two new boxsets featuring Sir Derek Jacobi’s War Master vs Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor back in the Time War. Releases are scheduled for October 2020 and August 2021. Full details below.

War Master vs Unbound Master – December 2019

Big Finish has revealed details for the December 2019 War Master: Anti-Genesis. Derek Jacobi as the War Master. Nick Briggs as the Daleks. Seán Carlsen as Narvin. Mark Gatiss as the Unbound Master. Yes, it’s Master vs Master in the biggest story for the War Master so far.

War Master 3: Rage of the Time Lords review on CultBox

I’m fast becoming a huge fan of the Derek Jacobi War Master boxsets, and Rage of the Time Lords is no exception to that trend. We get the addition of Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor in this set, and while most welcome, I do feel these sets stand with just the War Master at the centre….

River Song 5.4 Concealed Weapon review

River’s sojourn with various incarnations of the Master comes to an end with the Scott Handcock story Concealed Weapon. This time it’s Derek Jacobi’s War Master whom River crosses paths with in a story that seems curiously clear cut and that’s how it draws the listener in… Spoilers will follow;-)

Eight Doctor vs The War Master

Big Finish has announced the details for two more War Master boxsets, and the first of these puts Derek Jacobi up against Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor in The Rage of the Time Lords. Producer and Director Scott Handcock had this to say: This incarnation of the Master is very much the ‘Hannibal Lecter’ of Time Lords –…

War Master: Master of Callous review

I was really impressed with War Master: Master of Callous, and had no real hesitation over giving it a 5* review. Excellent work from all, including James Goss, Guy Adams, Scott Handcock, Derek Jacobi and many more. My review is here: The War Master: Master Of Callous review. +++ Message Ends +++

Big Finish Fantastic Foes sale for Black Friday 2018

For Black Friday weekend 2018, Big Finish has constructed a sale based on the idea of Fantastic Foes, with new titles added each day. They include plenty of Davros and Master, including some recently titles. Full details: FANTASTIC FOES WEEKEND OFFERS.

UNIT Cyber Reality review

Back in May (I’m catching up with my backlog!) we were treated to another epic new-series UNIT boxset: UNIT – Cyber-Reality. It promised much, but for me, while it entertained I have some niggles. I’ll explain…

River vs The Master(s)

In the latest DWM (and confirmed on the Big Finish site) we learn all about the fifth River Song boxset. No, River isn’t meeting more incarnations of the Doctor, instead it’s four stories and four incarnations of… The Master! And that’s only half the story: the Master will be played by Geoffrey Beevers, Derek Jacobi, Michelle Gomez…

The War Master Only the Good review

With the boxset Only the Good, the Derek Jacobi War Master makes his first appearance for Big Finish. It’s a suitably subtle yet grim introduction, well realised and worth the investment. It’s also a chance to to explore some of what the Master did during the Time War, and understand how he ended up hiding away…