Is Trenzalore Gallifrey?

TrenzaloreIt’s Friday afternoon and The Name of the Doctor is less than 30 hours away and I still don’t know what happens. This doesn’t stop me from speculating needlessly!

In this piece of meaningless frivolity I consider the possibility that Trenzalore is Gallifrey! No spoilers or facts follow…

The Theory

We know Gallifrey burned at the end of the Time War and is locked away, but what if Trenzalore is the world Gallifrey would have been had the Time Lords not happened? [It could be the Doctor’s real home world though in the ‘Doctor is the Other’ theory]. Returning to Gallifrey as Trenzalore might necessitate the truth being told given it is isomorphous (or other science twaddle) for the location where the Time War ended?!

The Evidence

The Doctor’s 50 years have been one long journey from Gallifrey that takes him to the Fields of Trenzalore. What is more mystical than a journey back to where you started from?

Apart from that I can spot no anagrams, translations or anything else that makes the link!

You read it here folks!

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