Bernice Summerfield 6 released!

Sian Phillips, seán carlsen, David Warner Lisa Bowerman, Lawry Lewin
Sian Phillips, Seán Carlsen, David Warner Lisa Bowerman, Lawry Lewin

Last week we had Free Benny, this week the release of New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield Volume 6. What happens when and unbound Doctor goes to Gallifrey? Press release below…

Lost in Translation

Lisa Bowerman and David Warner star in a brand new series of full-cast audio adventures for Benny and the Unbound Doctor, available now on collector’s edition CD and download.  

The Doctor is heading back to Gallifrey, but he’s not the one the Time Lords are expecting… 

Time-travelling archaeologist Bernice Summerfield has brought a Doctor from the Unbound universe into this one. And there may be trouble (and trials) ahead.  

The four thrilling stories are as follows:  

Have I Told You Lately? by Tim Foley 

Bernice and the Doctor find themselves lost in the dark with the only clue to their surroundings a mysterious voice. 

The Undying Truth by J A Prentice  

A mysterious mission has discovered a body, one that should never be found. Can the Undying really be dead after all? 

Inertia by James Goss  

A remote island on a dull world. Some boring natives, some uninteresting ruins. Can two time travellers manage to do nothing for a month? 

Gallifrey by Guy Adams & AK Benedict  

The Doctor has come home. But he doesn’t belong here. And Bernice thinks there’s something very wrong with Gallifrey. 

Writer and producer James Goss said:

The New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield Volume 6 is a series of four stories all about communication, or failures to communicate. If that sounds boring and worthy, it’s really not – it’s a huge amount of fun leading up to a massive amount of drama!

“The finale is set on Gallifrey. And it’s a proper little epic. Something’s very wrong on the Doctor’s home planet and only two outsiders can work out what it is.” 

Actor Lisa Bowerman said:

“This series is actually quite a good springboard because it’s the first time we’ve started exploring being in the Doctor’s ‘wrong’ universe. It gives the scripts a different tone.  

“It’s a version of the Doctor we know but Benny doesn’t necessarily recognise. I think the fact she doesn’t recognise what he’s turning into (because he’s uncomfortable where he is) gives it a whole new angle, and I think that’s pretty cool.” 

Joining Lisa Bowerman and David Warner in this exciting box set of adventures are Seán Carlsen (as fan favourite, Narvin), Rosie Day (as Arn) and Dame Siân Phillips (as the Inquisitor).   

Doctor Who: The New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield Volume 6 is now available to own at the special price of £22.99 as a collector’s edition four-disc CD box set or £19.99 as a download, exclusively from the Big Finish website. 

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