WhoSphere: a brilliant Doctor Who site

The brainchild of Kieran Highman the site WhoSpheres is a photographic treat for fans of Doctor Who (and a few other shows besides). It’s also about locations, as there were, as they are and a blend of the two. There’s a lot to recommend and I’ll highlight a couple of areas I was fascinated by.

WhoSpheres in detail

There’s a lot of 360° imagery on show, including locations and studios. It’s the three menu categories to the right I was most impressed by:

  1. Demolished list (WIP): locations used for filming but now destroyed (such as the set I borrowed for the image in this post)
  2. 60s HD Elements: a great collection of images, too many to single out even a few
  3. 2018 Holiday blog: my favourite section; Kieran lives in Australia and this is the account of his trip around the UK in 2018 visiting filming locations and blending those with original shots.

The whole site is marvellous and I recommend it.

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