Karen Gillan talks Big Finish

In a recent interview quoted on the Radio Times, Karen Gillan talks about Doctor Who and goes on to mention Big Finish. Does this mean we can expect some Amy Pond stories soon? Arthur Darvill has already recorded for Big Finish (Frankenstein) so who knows what might be possible?

Karen Gillan for Big Finish?

In the article (Karen Gillan reveals the Doctor Who episode that made her wish she was still in the series) Karen says:

she’d also be interested to follow in David Tennant and Catherine Tate’s footsteps to bring Amy Pond back to life for audio adventures with Big Finish

So she’s aware of the idea, even if nothing is being announced (much like the Billie Piper ComicCon rumour — how we like our rumours). It’s very much the kind of thing Big Finish might do, and could be anything from Short Trips through to an Amy and Rory boxset. Who knows!

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  1. Ian McArdell says:

    Well, if she wants to dip her toe on the audio waters and Matt’s not free – how about a New York set story for River with Mum & Dad in the next batch?

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    1. Tony Jones says:

      I can see lots of possibilities in New York, but adding River would be rather interesting


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