Loose Threads — a Doctor Who fanfiction collection

Loose Threads

The Lovarzi Blog has released Loose Threads a collection of short Doctor Who stories. It’s yours for the cost of an email address — details here. It’s the work of Philip Bates, Alex Skerratt and David Wall.

Those threads

There’s a bit of a theme to this collection, as the cover suggests.

The stories are:

  • Four Percent Journey to the top of Everest with the Twelfth Doctor and Clara in this nail-biting adventure
  • Unravel the secret of the ‘frozen’ beach in The Unravelling Incident of the Beach of Cantellios 12 with the Eighth Doctor
  • Find out why scarves are offensive in the satirical Can You Wear Me? featuring the Thirteenth Doctor and Graham
  • And, finally, return to the town of Christmas for the mysterious The Man with Seven Half-Scarves with the Eleventh Doctor.

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