Inferno Fiction

If you’d like more Doctor Who fan fiction, or somewhere to send your own (apart from the Divergent Wordsmiths) you could do worse than visit Inferno Fiction where you can grab all twenty existing issues free and even submit your own! }– Message Ends –{

Loose Threads — a Doctor Who fanfiction collection

The Lovarzi Blog has released Loose Threads a collection of short Doctor Who stories. It’s yours for the cost of an email address — details here. It’s the work of Philip Bates, Alex Skerratt and David Wall.

Master Annual update

As far as I can tell the Unofficial Master Annual is progressing well. Over on the Terraqueous FaceBook page we’ve had a reveal of the endpiece artwork (shown left). No official news on writers (stay tuned;-) or a release date, but I’ll keep you posted. My posts on the Unofficial 1987 Annual were among the…

Christmas treat from The Doctor Who Project

No sooner do I mention The Doctor Who Project than they come up more news! I won’t take all the credit, just mention a new title The Yuletide Tradition. Released on December 21 (2019) I don’t have any more details than the synopsis (below) and cover (left). More as and when!

Doctor Who project season 29 released!

The Doctor Who Project was started by fans to fill the void left when the show was cancelled. If you check the link you’ll learn of a vast collection of material gathered under the watchful eyes of Bob Furnell and Richard Peevers (names you might recognise from Pencil Tip Publishing). Some is free (such as…

Divergent Wordsmiths release Genesis of Terror

The Divergent Wordsmiths have just release Genesis of Terror a free book of stories written by fans. The summary is: The birth of a species is a dangerously powerful thing, what if another spider found its way into the cradle of the Daleks? Great stuff and available now from their website. +++ Message Ends +++

Unbound Imaginings available free!

Just a note to mention the first book from the Divergent Wordsmiths: Unbound Imaginings, It’s a free PDF from a group of fans who met through the Divergent Universe forum. I’ve not had a chance to read, but the cover is impressive and that’s a good sign. It’s all fan fiction and might be worth a look! *** Message…

The Rites of Mabon – an Olive Hawthorne story

It’s a return to Devil’s End and more trials for Olive Hawthorne in my Halloween story The Rites of Mabon. Thanks to the team at The Doctor Who Companion for the opportunity. I hope you enjoy it, and happy Halloween! +++ Message Ends +++

The Divergent Wordsmiths

A group of writers from The Divergent Universe forum have collected together to form The Divergent Wordsmiths. It will become a repository for Doctor Who fan fiction (and maybe more), in part inspired by entrants to the Paul Spragg writing opportunity. Here’s the smallest of tasters: As swiftly and silently as a shadow, the Doctor’s space-and-time ship, the TARDIS,…

Official Doctor Who fan fiction site

The title says it all, the BBC has announced a Doctor Who fan fiction site: Doctor Who: FanFiction. The BBC news release (Doctor Who Fan Fiction: Your Chance to get Involved!) confirms the intention to build a community. It’s worth a look! *** Message Ends ***