Christmas treat from The Doctor Who Project

No sooner do I mention The Doctor Who Project than they come up more news! I won’t take all the credit, just mention a new title The Yuletide Tradition. Released on December 21 (2019) I don’t have any more details than the synopsis (below) and cover (left). More as and when!

The Yuletide Tradition synopsis

December 21, 2019

The Yuletide Tradition by James Kyle

Featuring Tenth Doctor and Hannah Redfoot

The TARDIS travels through time, but time passes within the TARDIS. And in the control room, when three hundred- and sixty-five-days pass, a Christmas tree appears out of nowhere – a reminder of the Yuletide.

A lot can happen in a year. Companions come and go, as do Doctors. Christmases can be as pleasant as they can be awful, as meaningful as they can be worthless.

Four Doctors.

Nine companions.

One celebration.

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