What if the Big Finish licence were extended?

So, one possibility not oft discussed, is Big Finish having the scope of their new series Doctor Who licence extended. As the FAQ page says, the licence only covers up until Matt Smith left the show. While the Eleventh Doctor‘s era still had plenty to explore, I believe Jodie Whittaker’s imminent arrival means the Twelfth Doctor‘s era could well come into scope. Casting aside the idea of Peter Capaldi in the booth any time soon, there are lots of possibilities, some of which I cover below…

New characters for Big Finish?

Let’s start with Frank Skinner’s Perkins. The idea of an engineer having a look at the TARDIS innards is intriguing, and Frank is a huge fan of the show, and Big Finish (he has been in a Dark Eyes and the upcoming Callan series. Is it too much to imagine a return to his character? I don’t think so.

Saibra, the shape-shifter from Time Heist is also possible. Actor Pippa Bennett-Warner has impressed in several recent titles, and she adds an edge to the TARDIS.

There’s Nardole – surely he has some stories to tell of his time supervising the vault. That brings me on to Missy – Michelle Gomez has made many comments about wanting to keep the role going, and I see her slotting into Big Finish easily. UNIT of course, but maybe Churchill? Or is Jacobi a better fit for that range?

Speaking of Churchill, it would be easy to add the Capaldi Doctor to any future (yet to be announced) set of stories. Ditto the Short Trips range or a Companion Chronicle told by Bill?

There’s plenty more, and I’d like to know what else Ashildr did when running Trap Street.

I don’t have any inside information, but something tells me this might happen!

Do use the comments to let me know what you think!

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