What if the Big Finish licence were extended?

So, one possibility not oft discussed, is Big Finish having the scope of their new series Doctor Who licence extended. As the FAQ page says, the licence only covers up until Matt Smith left the show. While the Eleventh Doctor‘s era still had plenty to explore, I believe Jodie Whittaker’s imminent arrival means the Twelfth Doctor‘s era could well…

Twice Upon a Time review

So, the end of several eras and lots of nostalgia in a Christmas special combining multiple Doctors, plenty of reflection and the thinnest of stories supporting some great performances. Twice Upon a Time delivered what it promised, no less and perhaps no more. There are many spoilers to follow; you’ve been warned!

Season 10 deleted scenes

While we all wait for the announcement of the Thirteenth Doctor, pine for Peter Capaldi and bemoan how long it is until Christmas, why not take a look at the deleted scenes from Season 10? Thanks to BBC America and Stewart Seyfried they are all up on YouTube: Deleted Scenes from Season 10 of Doctor Who. Enjoy! ***…

Doctor (Puppet) Falls

A long overdue return for Doctor Puppet, who has been marking the Season 10 finale in his own special way. Do look at the FaceBook page – it’s brilliant! ==> Message Ends <==

The Doctor Falls review

For the sake of completeness, here’s my thoughts on The Doctor Falls. Short review: few gripes aside, like all the reviews I can find I agree it was rather excellent. Long review? Well, here’s some thoughts…

The Doctor Falls Extras

As per usual, there are some bits and pieces available for The Doctor Falls. No extra photos or artwork yet, expect these tomorrow. If you want the quiz / fact file / farewell from Nardole have a look. -+- Message Ends -+-

Thoughts ahead of The Doctor Falls

Tonight’s the night! In The Doctor Falls, we have cybermen of three types, two incarnations of the Doctor, and one companion (Bill) in a bad way. All the review sites suggest this is a solid (and longer) story, and all say similar things. I’ve not seen it, so what am I looking forward to?

World Enough and Time review

So, part one of the season finalé, the return of John Simm, that moment, that other moment and really a hell of a lot to chew over. Widely lauded as among the best of all ten series of modern Doctor Who, arguably so too, it was damn fine even though (you know me so well)…

World Enough and Time Extras

The usual extras are now up for World Enough and Time, including quiz, Master and Missy fact files, and some behind the scenes. No doubt the artwork / extra photos will appear tomorrow. !!! Message Ends !!!

Thoughts ahead of World Enough and Time

So, the finale of Peter Capaldi’s final season begins with World Enough and Time, and we have a couple of short preview clips to tease apart. In a story with a massive spaceship trapped orbiting a black hole, Mondas and its cybermen and Missy having a chance at redemption, this episode is doomed to be known for…

The Eaters of Light reviewed

Time to talk last evening’s Twelfth Doctor story The Eaters of Light. Twitter length review: rather splendid with only minor gripes. You want a bit more? Well, I’ll give you more, but be warned, it’s going to be pretty positive stuff! I give away a lot of the story, but not every twist. I hope you have…

Empress of Mars review

So, Mark Gatiss turned out an entertaining if slightly quirky story in Empress of Mars. I liked it as a piece of entertainment, despite some odd bits. Looking around I find many people found it a bit flawed but OK. There was even a treat for the old-school fans. Did I mention Ice Warriors? Yep, Ice…