Thoughts ahead of The Doctor Falls

Missy and Master from The Doctor FallsTonight’s the night! In The Doctor Fallswe have cybermen of three types, two incarnations of the Doctor, and one companion (Bill) in a bad way. All the review sites suggest this is a solid (and longer) story, and all say similar things.

I’ve not seen it, so what am I looking forward to?

The Doctor Falls

Isn’t is odd how previous seasons might have had this episode called The Fall of The Doctor? I don’t know what that means, but I do know this is a packed episode, with several big threads and lots of important characters.

I don’t subscribe to the Fake Law of Hype™ so I don’t think having more Cybermen makes it better than the scary few we had in World Enough and Time. I’ve already blogged Four Ways to Save Bill Potts, though now I wonder if maybe this if goodbye Bill?

My actual main thought is Where are the Daleks? This has been an almost Dalek-free season, and surely this can’t be the case until the end, or perhaps they are having a rest for Christmas? Daleks would be too much, wouldn’t they?

I hear there’s a surprise – will it be Susan? I would like it, but I’d also like more story and character than just blowing up lots of Cybermen.

Anyway, let’s catch up tomorrow!

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