Four ways to save Bill Potts

So, if you didn’t watch World Enough and Time, please don’t read on. This has at least one serious, grade A spoiler. Don’t even look at the picture. Damn! I did warn you. Let’s face it, Bill had a bad day, but knowing Steven Moffat, the chances are it all gets fixed in The Fall of the Doctor. With that being the case, I wondered how. The answer? Well I can think of four ways, and I’m sure there are others. In this post I give you some ideas and pick one I think will happen.

Let me know what you think!

Four Ways to Save Bill Potts

I note, in passing, the T-shirt slogan nature of Save Bill Potts, then move on. As I said, I have four ideas:

  1. Big fat reset switch
  2. Bobby Ewing in the shower aka it was all a dream
  3. Previously unknown cyber gizmo
  4. Magic.

Let’s chat about them in turn.

Reset Theory

We’ve been here before, several times, including Journey to the Centre of the TARDISIt’s always a cop out, very disappointing and weak. Please let it not be this.

Dream Theory

It’s perhaps a version of the Reset Theory. Remember the Monks and Extremis? Perhaps this is all a simulation just to test Missy? That explains why the Master can appear. I think this has legs, and wouldn’t be the first time an idea from an early episode made the final. I don’t think this is the answer, but it’s not ridiculous, though would be disappointing.

Gizmo Theory

Maybe the cybermen have a way to reverse cyber-conversion? I really don’t think so, as damage is done to the body, and Bill has an interesting new ventilation opening in her stomach. The idea of cyber-reversal has been tackled by Big Finish, and this could explain the hordes of Cybermen as the Doctor goes off to find a version of the Cybermen with the necessary technology. It could work but I don’t think so.

Magic Theory

Magic can do anything, and Doctor Who is a fantasy, so magic is allowed. And what better than a spot of regeneration? We also have a clue: the Doctor is seen regenerating at the start of World Enough and Time. Does he trigger a regeneration, restore Bill from a few remnants (no offence) and then trigger his own change?

If you’ve read my piece on The Energy of Doctor Who, you will know this is nonsense of the most outrageous kind. Regeneration special effects are an output of the Doctor’s regeneration, a consequence of being a Time Lord. Unless Bill is a secret Time Lord, having regeneration power restore her would be poor. Then again, remember Davros in The Witch’s Familiar, so I am even more sure this is how it will be resolved.

I can imagine it happening, and I am already weeping inside at the prospect.

Maybe a fifth option exists? Maybe the Kenny Theory? Recall Kenny McCormick from South Park who dies all the time then just comes back with no explanation? Let’s hope not!

What are your thoughts? Will be be restored, if so how? Let me know!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Tony Jones says:

    I’ve had a few comments on this from twitter, and most are around the regeneration option. The idea of Bill being a Time Lord in hiding via the Chameleon Arch has come up, and that makes me think: Could Bill be the Rani or even Susan?
    Mad, I know!


  2. Bub says:

    See “Let’s Kill Hitler”. Regeneration energy once she’s out of the popcorn wrapper. Would even tie in with the…regeneration.


  3. Tony Jones says:

    So, it was the Kylie variant of magic, in that she transformed into a new type of creature. I had almost added a transformation option as well;-)


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