Thoughts ahead of World Enough and Time

So, the finale of Peter Capaldi’s final season begins with World Enough and Timeand we have a couple of short preview clips to tease apart. In a story with a massive spaceship trapped orbiting a black hole, Mondas and its cybermen and Missy having a chance at redemption, this episode is doomed to be known for one thing only – the return of John Simm.

World Enough and Time

It’s a great title, taken from a wonderful poem by Andrew Marvell, its title To His Coy Mistress. It may have the word time in the first line, but look at that title. Is Missy the Coy Mistress, or is she the deceiver, the trickster? There are two choices:

  1. She’s playing the long game and it’s all a lie. We expect this from experience
  2. She has changed (not common for recurring villains) but this is the undoing of her incarnation and she sacrifices herself and she too can be renewed in the Chibnall era. High concept? Perhaps.

The poem has given us other memorable phrases, notable time’s winged chariot — the TARDIS, perhaps?

What do I think? To be honest it’s all down the balance of what seem to be three disparate ideas (Missy, Mondas and the Master), and even two episodes may be a challenge. All this and does Capaldi start his regeneration? I hope it’s great, my fear is it will cut some corners and try to be too clever. Let’s chat again after we’ve watched and reflected!

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