Masterful cover reveal!

Big Finish has just released the cover for Masterful. It’s interesting — count the number of Masters! There’s also more detail on the release itself particularly the extras. The press release is below.

John Simm re-Mastered by Big Finish!

John Simm will be making his Big Finish debut as the Master in 2021! If that wasn’t excitement enough there will be eight Masters in total (including Missy) in this release marking 50 years since the Master first appeared on TV.

Should we Vote Saxon?

It may be an obscure comment on Brexit or something entirely innocuous, but Vote Saxon signs have been appearing around Cardiff Bay. The conclusion? Well, if you’re a Doctor Who fan it raises the possibility of a John Simm’s Master appearing in series opposite the Thirteenth Doctor. Likely? Who knows with Doctor Who? Do I…

World Enough and Time review

So, part one of the season finalé, the return of John Simm, that moment, that other moment and really a hell of a lot to chew over. Widely lauded as among the best of all ten series of modern Doctor Who, arguably so too, it was damn fine even though (you know me so well)…

Thoughts ahead of World Enough and Time

So, the finale of Peter Capaldi’s final season begins with World Enough and Time, and we have a couple of short preview clips to tease apart. In a story with a massive spaceship trapped orbiting a black hole, Mondas and its cybermen and Missy having a chance at redemption, this episode is doomed to be known for…