Missy series 2 out now!

Missy returns

Big Finish has just released Missy Series 02. Michele Gomez returns with a splendid cast, including Rufus Hound as a certain meddling monk alongside Dan Starkey as Strax. Full details after the break.

More Missy? Yes please!

Here’s the press release:

Missy – the Master’s larger than life female incarnation played by Michelle Gomez – is returning for a second dose of mayhem… and it’s all in the most delightful way. 

In her first box set of full-cast audio adventures, released in February 2019, Missy was employed as a nanny in Victorian England and encountered fellow renegade Time Lord, the Meddling Monk, as she sought to gain herself a functioning TARDIS. 

Now she’s back, running into enemies old and new, including children from the past, Time Agents from the future and the enigmatic Lumiat.  

Comedian and actor Rufus Hound returns as the Meddling Monk, alongside Dan Starkey as Sontaran commander Strax. Also joining the cast, and making her Big Finish debut, is BAFTA-winning actor Gina McKee, playing a character that appears to know Missy just a little too well… 

Missy series two is available now to own as a collector’s edition box set at £24.99 or download at £19.99, from the Big Finish website: www.bigfinish.com.   

Missy… alone, unleashed and unfettered. What does she get up to when the Doctor isn’t around? 

Now she has what she wants, Missy needs someone to show off to. But her temporal mischief attracts the wrong kind of attention. 

Infuriating children, a vacationing Sontaran and her own worst intentions will get in her way. And a Meddling Monk, out for revenge… 

The four simply sublime adventures in this brilliant new box set are as follows:  

The Lumiat by Lisa McMullin 

Missy is glorying in the chaos, hoping that a certain someone might turn up. 

What she doesn’t expect is an entirely different do-gooder spoiling her plans and teaching her life lessons. 

Because, whoever she is, the Lumiat knows far more about Missy than anyone should… 

Brimstone and Terror by Roy Gill 

Missy wants an army, a brigade of willing youngsters, trained to serve. So she takes a teaching post at a remote Scottish boarding school. 

But one of these boys knows Missy of old. And when Oliver Davis summons his sister for help, Lucy brings an ally from London. One Mr Strax… 

Treason and Plot by Gemma Arrowsmith 

The Gunpowder Plot. It’s a favourite of time travellers. If Missy’s going to hitch a ride, that’s the place to cause trouble. Especially if trouble makes a really big bang. 

The only person in her way, trying to keep history on track, is a rookie Time Agent. But Rita Cooper wanted excitement… 

Too Many Masters by John Dorney 

The Monk has captured Missy. And he will have his revenge… 

But the Ogrons are also looking to settle an old debt. And when they call it in, they find themselves with too many Time Lords on their hands. 

The Master owes them big – and the Ogrons know who the Master is. Don’t they? 

Actor Gina McKee said:

“If you imagine polar opposites, my character is the polar opposite to Missy. She is terribly, terribly nice and sweet and good. 

“I really enjoy listening to things on the radio. And it’s great when you can give enough space for everybody’s imagination to make the pictures, but also give enough information to help those pictures be created.  

“You have a different toolkit, if you like. I feel like I’m trying to work out what that toolkit is, really. I like the challenge of that. I love to know how you can push it, and what’s technique and what’s instinct.” 

Actor Michelle Gomez added:

“Across the board, everybody has loved the opportunity these audio adventures have given them to keep Missy alive, so that’s been really heartening. It’s been so sweet and lovely. So I’ve been filled up with that.  

“The listeners have just really enjoyed her adventures, and they’re on the ride, and well done to Big Finish for providing it.” 

Missy series two is available now to own as a collector’s edition box set at £24.99 or download from the Big Finish website at £19.99. 

For a limited time, the digital download of Missy series one is available at 33% OFF, alongside a selection of discounted Big Finish titles featuring Missy’s former incarnations as the Master: https://www.bigfinish.com/collections/v/the-master These sale offers are valid until 23:59 (UK time) on 15 July 2020.  

2 Comments Add yours

  1. John Miller says:

    This single release illustrates the difference between what Doctor Who WAS and what ‘Doctor Who’ IS NOW.

    The Old Doctor Who was something that fired the imaginations for millions of youngsters. Out of those stories, the next generations of writers, producers etc. were created. Everything from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy to The Matrix to Babylon 5, even much of the look of Star Trek:TNG can be traced to Who. but not only that, but without Doctor Who we likely would never have got The League of Gentlemen, Jonathan Creek, Queer as Folk, and a whole lot more. Yes, we can point to precursors like Quatermass or Doctor Omega or others, but Doctor Who inspired millions.

    In addition to all that imagination and creativity, the show also had people excitedly discussing possible ideas within Doctor Who itself. And how certain stories or characters may be connected. Doctor Who was about infinite possibilities. The Doctor Who “Universe” was near-endless, and it may be the most influential television series of the 20th century. Not only directly, but indirectly as well.

    Now compare that to this Big Finish audio release. In particular, this “two Masters” release. Is it funny? Perhaps, to some. But what this is is simple. Some Doctor Who writers have are basically telling anyone whose imagination was ever inspired by Doctor Who, that if those people imagined their Who differently to the way Nicholas Briggs imagined Doctor Who…then those people were wrong! You thought that that character in The Daleks’ Master Plan who swore to get revenge on the Doctor, and that character in Terror of the Autons who appears(from seemingly out of nowhere) to get revenge on the Doctor may be connected? Hahaha! Aren’t YOU a thicko! We’re not just going to tell you that you’re wrong, we’re going to make fun of you for it. And, in essence, make fun of your childhood imaginations, and all those times you and your friends played Doctor Who…you were playing Doctor Who wrong on the playground! Because Big Finish say so. How dare you think differently to what you’re being told to think! How stupid you must feel for ever having got the “wrong” sort of enjoyment out of Doctor Who. Aren’t you a sad little git? LOL.

    Yes, once Doctor Who inspired the imagination of millions of youngsters. But now it deliberately closes off possible avenues, and possible storylines. It is no longer near-infinite. it now has very restricted, and closed-off boundaries, and Strict Laws. And if you think outside those Guidelines, you won’t just be told that you were wrong, the storywriters will even create entire adventures to make fun of you for ever having dared to dream.

    Heil Briggs!


    1. Tony Jones says:


      Some strong comments there. I wonder what others think? I do think tracing back can be dangerous. While things clearly have influence it doesn’t preclude creativity. Some if these mat have done something different inspired by something else.
      I also doubt there’s a Briggs conspiracy though firms tend to hire in their own image. I mean all firms.

      Anyway, thanks again for taking time to comment.


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