The Mechanical Planet (audio) review

Free with Vworp, Vworp 3 on CD is a 16 minute version of The Mechanical Planet. Originally a comic strip written by Terry Nation and David Whitaker from 1965, this audio version is a delight. It may only be a short story but it’s a good one, and finds an angle on the Daleks that’s been little explored. David Graham plays President Sovard (yes an anagram of Davros!) as well as the Golden Dalek Emperor, while Sasha Mitchell plays Esra Valdis, who combines the two female characters from the comic version.

It’s a good story and very well worth a listen. The CD was produced and directed by Alan Stevens with Alistair Lock in charge of sound design. After the story are some decent interviews with Sasha and David — I’d not heard Sasha before and she had some interesting anecdotes from her early career (she hunted the Blake’s 7 crew in the final episode as Arlen the bounty hunter / Federation officer while still at school!) I predict Sasha will one day appear in a Big Finish release.
David Graham has plenty of Dalek credentials, having voiced them in many early adventures (as well as playing Parker, Brains and Gordon Tracy in Thunderbirds).

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