Big Finish releases exclusive Masterful scene


Big Finish has just (midnight November 30 / December 1 2020) released an exclusive social media only scene from Masterful. Featuring Mark Gatiss as the Master and Jon Culshaw as Kamelion, this scene takes place on a space yacht, as the evil Time Lord formulates a dastardly plan. There’s also more information in the press release below.

Masterful update

Further details of Masterful, the special audio adventure commemorating half a century of the evil Time Lord, have been revealed, plus an exclusive scene is now available on social media.

Due for release on 2 January 2021, exactly 50 years to the day since Roger Delgado made his debut in Doctor Who: Terror of the AutonsMasterful is a celebration of the mischief and madness of the Master (and Missy).  

Script Editor Matt Fitton said:

“Because we’re also celebrating the first appearance of Roger Delgado’s Master, we wondered how we could represent that era and Jo Grant sprang to mind – she also first appeared in Terror of the Autons. So we asked Katy Manning if she’d like to be involved as well and she said yes, which is great.  

“We also thought about other tools the Master has used over the years and it made sense to include Kamelion. We were delighted that Jon Culshaw agreed to play that role and, through him, we were able to channel the Anthony Ainley Master – among other surprise guests! 

“It’s always fun to have an anniversary celebration. The Doctors have a get together every so often, so it’s perfect for the Masters to have one too!” 

Masterful stars Geoffrey Beevers, Mark Gatiss, Michelle Gomez, Derek Jacobi, Alex MacQueen, Milo Parker, Eric Roberts and John Simm, featuring guest appearances from Jon Culshaw as Kamelion, Katy Manning as Jo Grant, with Abigail McKern, Aurora Burghart and Zaqi Ismail.  

A social media exclusive scene starring Mark Gatiss and Jon Culshaw is now available to hear online on the Big Finish social media channels.  

Masterful is now available to pre-order as a limited edition 8-CD box set (priced at £44.99), or on download (at £39.99), exclusively at the Big Finish website. This edition contains:  

Discs 1-3: Masterful by James Goss 

Disc 4: Masterful – Behind the Scenes 

Disc 5: Doctor Who – Short TripsI Am The Master by Geoffrey Beevers and Short TripsThe Switching by Simon Guerrier (both previously available on download only) 

Discs 6-8: Doctor WhoTerror of the Master by Trevor Baxendale, a brand new, narrated audiobook featuring the Third Doctor, the Master and UNIT.  

Writer Trevor Baxendale said: “I approached Terror of the Master as a Target novelisation – it’s about the same length – of a six-part TV story we never saw. But then it’s also satisfyng to up the ante just a little – I gave the Doctor and the Brigadier an exciting car chase through London, with hitmen on motorbikes and bullets flying, which wouldn’t have been achievable for the programme on TV.  

“Similarly, it’s nice to give them a few quieter moments together, to show just how fond of each other they are by this stage – even though neither of them would admit it.” 

Please note the box set edition is limited to 3,000 copies only.  

The standard edition of Masterful (featuring only the content of discs 1-3 above) is also available to pre-order, priced at £24.99 (on CD) or £19.99 (as a download).

The Big Finish social media channels are:

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