Ambassadors of Death review

Working my way through Season 7, (see Spearhead from Space and The Silurians) I arrive at The Ambassadors of Death a story of which I have little recollection (it was broadcast March – May 1970). Rewatching it, despite a number of flaws (many of which are also mentioned in the Radio Times review) I think…

The Dalek World review

I was lucky enough to be given a copy (somewhat battered) of The Dalek World for Christmas. If you get a chance, it’s worth a read. It came out in 1965 and was written by Terry Nation and David Whitaker. It gives a strong sense of the vision for the Daleks very early in their history,…

The Mechanical Planet (audio) review

Free with Vworp, Vworp 3 on CD is a 16 minute version of The Mechanical Planet. Originally a comic strip written by Terry Nation and David Whitaker from 1965, this audio version is a delight. It may only be a short story but it’s a good one, and finds an angle on the Daleks that’s been little explored. David…

Doctor Who and the Daleks by David Whitaker review

Reading the David Whitaker adaptation of Doctor Who and the Daleks allows the reader to go back in time to the very earliest days of the show. Historic context bears repeating: we had no DVDs, recording, streaming, or any other way to watch a show again. Once broadcast it was over. Enter the novelisation.

BBC Books reissues Target titles

A piece from The Bookseller for any fan of the Doctor Who Target books: BBC Books reissues seven Doctor Who ‘classics’. BBC Books will publish the titles on April 28, both physical and e-book versions will be available. Later in the year there will also be three hardback reissues.