Timelines: The Sixth Doctor

Sixth_DoctorIn a lot of ways  the Sixth Doctor‘s timeline is the simplest to follow through, given how pegged in it is by Trial of a Timelord. To set out the sequence I will use the rule of ‘follow the companion’. For the odd story when the Doctor appears without a companion I have to assume that they slot between sequences.

Updated October 2014, December 2016

This means that (to date [unless I have missed a couple]) the main companions are:

  1. Peri Brown
  2. Evelyn Smythe
  3. Charley Pollard
  4. Leela / Jago & Litefoot
  5. Flip Jackson
  6. Peri Brown (2014 trilogy)
  7. Constance Clarke
  8. Constance and Flip (as of Quicksilver, 2016)
  9. Mel Bush

I ignore Frobisher as he only appears a couple of times and I don’t like him! OK I’ll work him in later!


Easy really; from Trial we know that Peri comes before Mel. We also know that Peri was the first (she overlaps the Fifth Doctor) and Mel the last (she overlaps the Seventh Doctor).
We know (because of Crimes of Thomas Brewster) that Evelyn is before Charley and as this is when Flip appears I work on the assumption that Flip is between the two. As a minor point in DI Menzies’ timeline the order would be Charley then Evelyn!

Update August 2015

From The Last Adventures is seems Charley was prior to Flip (the Flip story refers back to the Charley story). The companion order in this special boxset is:

  1. Constance
  2. Charley
  3. Flip
  4. Mel

Does this mean Constance is earlier than Charley (but still post-Evelyn)? Not sure and on first listen I don’t think Last Adventures resolves this.

Also when Flip meets Jago & Litefoot, they have met the Doctor before so I put the Leela /Jago & Litefoot before Flip. Views welcome as to where they it relative to Evelyn / Charley.

Update December 2016

Flip is back and travelling with Constance as of Quicksilver.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Jason says:

    Personally, I’d say Evelyn, Flip and Charley are all companions of the Doctor during the times of Mel and/or Peri, as the Doctor can and has left companions on a planet (for whatever reason) only to come back a short while later in the companions time line, but it could months or years later in The Doctors timeline.

    And to me that makes much sense, and have a higher likely hood than your proposed timeline.


    1. HelmStone says:

      I agree there is something in your idea – e.g. the Key2Time is all in a moment when the Fifth Doctor is at the end of a story with a standard companion, however I don’t buy your idea overall.

      I don’t see you could have a Peri sequence, pop out, meet Evelyn for a few stories, leave here resting, nip out and do some Charley stories, get back to Peri, meet Mel then finish up Charley and have some more Evelyn. Even a Time Lord would struggle to juggle that IMHO!

      I guess the only way to be sure is ask the BF guys what they think!


  2. gso1989 says:

    6 & Peri
    6 & Frobisher (DWM)
    6, Peri, & Frobisher (see above)
    6 & Grant Markham (MAs)
    6 solo (plus Iris, Excelis and The Acheron Pulse)
    6 & Frobisher
    6 & Evelyn
    6 & Jason, Chrystal & Zog (Ult. Adventure)
    6 solo (plus J&L)
    6 & Charley
    6 & “Jamie”
    6 & Flip
    6 & Mel


    1. Tony says:

      How are you working these out? I can’t order the various one offs!


  3. GSO89 says:

    http://www.drwhoguide.com/who.htm (it’ll be updated before the year’s out)


    1. Tony says:

      Thanks for the link. Will explore


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