Doctor Who: The Lovecraft Invasion review on CultBox

My review of Rob Valentine’s The Lovecraft Invasion is now live on CultBox: Doctor Who: The Lovecraft Invasion audio review. Sixie, Flip, Constance and more (including possible new companion Calypso Jonze) in a tale of darkness and danger. +++ Message Ends +++

Big Finish releases details for The Lovecraft Invasion

Big Finish has released details for next month’s The Lovecraft Invasion and it looks like a must listen. Robert Valentine (in his third release in a few weeks!) wrote this Sixth Doctor story with companions Flip Jackson and Constance Clarke. Full details below…

Sixth Doctor vs the Ice Warriors

Big Finish has announced details for April 2020’s Cry of the Vultris, and it’s a welcome return for The Sixth Doctor, Flip and Constance Clarke who will be meeting the Ice Warriors in the Darren Jones story Cry of the Vultriss. Details below.

More Flip and Constance for 2020

It’s been a while (two years) but Lisa Greenwood and Miranda Raison have been back in studio as Flip and Constance. Yes, 2020 will bring a new set of Sixth Doctor stories with this great pair of companions. Details are under wraps…

Sixth Doctor offers from Big Finish

Don’t forget to check out the latest Sixth Doctor offers from Big Finish, including Criss Cross, the first adventure for Constance Clarke or the wonderful Last Adventure. You’ve got just one week, so don’t dawdle! Full details: THIRTEENTH DOCTOR SPECIAL OFFERS WEEK 6. +++ Message Ends +++

Short Trips: The Darkened Earth review

I had a listen to John Pritchard’s Doctor Who Short Trips: The Darkened Earth and put some thoughts together for CultBox (Doctor Who: Short Trips – The Darkened Earth review). It’s a moving (and clever) story for the Sixth Doctor from the perspective of Constance Clarke and read/performed by Miranda Raison. It’s another reason to get a subscription!…

Static reviewed on Starburst

The main range may be getting long in the tooth, but still retains the ability to impress, and impress it does with the Jonathan Morris story Static. It’s a Sixth Doctor story with Flip and Constance and also stars David Graham (Parker from Thunderbirds). It’s scary, moody, thought provoking and rather brilliant — see my 10/10 review on Starburst: DOCTOR WHO:…

The Middle review

The November 2018 Big Finish main range release was The Middle, by Chris Chapman. It’s about age, and birthdays and makes some interesting points about society while never failing to entertain. At first it seems to be a riff on the classic story of Logan’s Run, but it’s something rather different of its own. Let’s chat…

The Behemoth review on Cultbox

I put together some thoughts on the main range Sixth Doctor release The Behemoth for CultBox: Doctor Who: The Behemoth review. It’s another solid Marc Platt story with Flip and Constance in a pure historical. Let me know what you think! *** Message Ends ***

Quicksilver review on Cultbox

December 2016 treated us to two main range Doctor Who releases, the second of which was Matt Fitton’s Quicksilver. It’s a cold war story set in Vienna and Constance Clarke needs to find out what happened to her husband. Meanwhile the Sixth Doctor has encountered some time travelling aliens and, unknowingly, drawn Flip Jackson into proceedings. It’s a great…

Absolute Power review on Cultbox

I took a listen to Jamie Andersons’ Sixth Doctor and Constance Clarke story Absolute Power and reviewed it for Cultbox. It’s a clever story, building well to it’s ending. The review is part of the December 2016 roundup Ian McArdell and I produced: Big Finish’s latest ‘Doctor Who’ audio stories reviewed: December 2016 round-up. ~~~ Message Ends ~~~

Order of the Daleks review on CultBox

I reviewed Order of the Daleks on CultBox as part of the monthly round-up I do with Ian McArdell. This Mike Tucker story has much to recommend, including the rather splendid cover. The review is part of: Big Finish’s ‘Doctor Who’ audio stories: November 2016 reviews round-up. &&& Message Ends &&&