Designing Dalek Stainley

There’s a great piece on Jamie Anderson’s blog about working with Simon Holub and Chris Thompson to create Dalek Stainley (pictured). If you don’t know what that means, look at the cover for Order of the Daleks the forthcoming Mike Tucker main range story for the Sixth Doctor and Constance. Do have a read, or just admire…

Adric in the main range and other news

Big Finish has announced Matthew Waterhouse has reprised Adric for the main range, with Andrew Smith writing the first story, The Star Men, coming January 2017. Not only do we have details of a whole Fifth Doctor trilogy in: DOCTOR WHO: ADRIC ARRIVES IN THE MAIN RANGE!, but the pages for the next Sixth Doctor and Constance trilogy are also updated.

Complete History volume 55 reviewed

The Doctor Who: The Complete History series kicked off with volume 55. While I think the whole series is an expensive indulgence, I suspect a lot of people might buy the first few releases. The first release had the typical loss-leading price of a first part (£1.99) so not the largest investment in the world.

Planet of the Rani review on Starburst

My review of Marc Platt’s Planet of the Rani is reviewed on Starburst: PLANET OF THE RANI (DOCTOR WHO). I enjoyed this Sixth Doctor tale and liked the way the interplay between Constance Clarke and the Rani allowed for exploration of both characters. –= Message Ends =–

CultBox review of Criss-Cross

I had a few words to say about Matt Fitton’s Sixth Doctor story Criss-Cross, over on CultBox. I liked the new companion, Constance Clarke, and enjoyed this story. My thoughts are part of the September round-up: ‘Doctor Who’ audio play reviews round-up: Out in September 2015 from Big Finish. Enjoy! ==< Message Ends >==

Farewell Sixie – The Last Adventure

As announced on the Big Finish website this week, and in the latest DWM, Big Finish is killing of the Sixth Doctor! Fortunately, being Big Finish, this doesn’t mean the last of Colin Baker! September 2015 will see a lavish boxset (and Colin’s first) as the Doctor and several companions tackle the Valeyard in a set of…

What about Flip?

With the news that a new companion, Constance, will be joining the Sixth Doctor, we have to ask – what about Flip? You may remember (spoilers) that she was last heard from in the episode Scavenger as she choose to plummet towards the Earth from orbit. We have no idea if she lives and we know that Sixie…

Miranda Raison to join the TARDIS crew for Big Finish

Big Finish has just announced that Miranda Raison will be joining the TARDIS as a new companion for the Sixth Doctor. The news is in the wonderfully titled: DOCTOR WHO: RAISONS TO BE CHEERFUL – 1, 2 AND 3!.

Timelines: The Sixth Doctor

In a lot of ways  the Sixth Doctor‘s timeline is the simplest to follow through, given how pegged in it is by Trial of a Timelord. To set out the sequence I will use the rule of ‘follow the companion’. For the odd story when the Doctor appears without a companion I have to assume that they…