Complete History volume 55 reviewed

Complete-History-Vol-55The Doctor Who: The Complete History series kicked off with volume 55. While I think the whole series is an expensive indulgence, I suspect a lot of people might buy the first few releases. The first release had the typical loss-leading price of a first part (£1.99) so not the largest investment in the world.


The series avoided starting at the beginning, instead going for a set of Tenth Doctor and Martha stories: Gridlock, Daleks in Manhattan / Evolution of the Daleks / The Lazarus Experiment / 42. Not a set I would have picked first though as it technically covers five episodes is even better value.

The layout is attractive and their is a lot of information, behind the scenes and photos. Whether there is much more than can be easily found with a quick internet search I don’t know, but the information is accessible and interesting. It is also quite up to date — the pair of Dalek stories talks about Miranda Raison and her recent role as Constance Clarke, for example.

The most interesting story of the set, in my mind, is 42 the story I felt was most overlooked from that series. A nice piece on Michelle Collins, though not mentioning her recent Big Finish work;-)

All in all this is a decent book, well worth the small investment. Does it make me more likely to buy the series? No. I will buy the next few though!

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