Echoes of Extinction

Time Lord Victorious: Echoes of Extinction vinyl release update

Originally intended for release last November, David Tennant and Paul McGann (or is it Paul McGann and David Tennant?) star in Doctor Who – Time Lord Victorious:Echoes of Extinction – a limited edition double-A side vinyl LP, now due for release in April. Importantly, it is now going to be released online, so anyone in the world who…

Free Speech

Paul Spragg competition winner 2020 announced

Congratulations to Eugenie Pusenjak whose Tenth Doctor story, Free Speech is the winner of this year’s Paul Spragg Memorial Short Trips Opportunity. The full press release follows as does some news on the Short Trips range — changes are afoot! Eugenie joins a list of great winners: 2016: Doctor Who: Forever Fallen by Joshua Wanisko 2017: Doctor Who: Landbound by Selim Ulug 2018: Doctor Who: The Last Day at Work by Harry…

David Tennant in Doctor Who: Dalek Universe

Coming in 2021 (and not part of Time Lord Victorious) David Tennant is back in Doctor Who: Dalek Universe. It’s very much Terry Nation’s view of the Daleks, and seems set in the same continuity David Tennant played Galanar in 2004’s Dalek Empire series 3. Let’s add in Tom Baker, Louise Jameson and John Leeson;…

Time Lord Victorious reveal

A few minutes after my last post, and now it’s full details! And it’s big; really big! See COMING SOON: Time Lord Victorious. Let’s just look at those Doctors (including the Ninth Doctor), Rose, Ood, Daleks, book, comic, audio, escape room.. What a list! Twelve weeks starting September 2020! *** Messsage Ends ***

The Christmas Invasion review

It’s that curious weekend between Christmas and New Year. We have had no Christmas special for the second year running, but in eight days time we will have had two episodes of series 12! Until then I thought I’d cover one of my favourite of the Christmas specials – The Christmas Invasion.