What about Flip?

Lisa Greenwood as Flip from ScavengerWith the news that a new companion, Constance, will be joining the Sixth Doctor, we have to ask – what about Flip? You may remember (spoilers) that she was last heard from in the episode Scavenger as she choose to plummet towards the Earth from orbit. We have no idea if she lives and we know that Sixie is now on his way to try to disentangle his time with Peri.

Where does this leave Lisa Greenwood’s character?

On twitter Big Finish has made the following comment:

of course there will be more Flip! We love her and

This all seems very positive, that is until you read the next tweet:

But that doesn’t necessarily mean any future Flip story would take place after Scavenger, he said cryptically…

Thanks to Keith Goldsbrough for his tweets, which I found, but what does it all mean? More Lisa as Flip but not immediate resolution to her destiny?! Maybe they’re just teasing!

4 thoughts on “What about Flip?

  1. If I had to guess, I’d say the next Flip story will be set after Scavenger but not immediately after. I think The Widow’s Assassin may follow on from that, and the Doctor will pick Flip up again sometime later…


      • Well, if The Widow’s Assassin follows straight on from Scavenger we’ll know about that pretty soon. As for Flip… yes, it could be a while, if her next appearance is in the Main Range…


      • Yes I do think the Doctor is on his way to Peri at the end of Scavenger. I think the next Flip might even be set many years later though I read the tweet as implying just more Flip stories set before Scavenger (and probably before the last trilogy as a whole as it brought the whole Peri thing into play


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