Flip & The Sixth Doctor 2014 trilogy news

Lisa Greenwood as Flip with Colin Baker as the Sixth DoctorThe covers and synopses for the 2014 Sixth Doctor trilogy are all now available on the Big Finish website. If you hadn’t realised this series also gives us the return of Lisa Greenwood as Flip Jackson.

What else is there to look forward to in this first trilogy of the year? Find out…

The stories

First up we get January’s Antidote to Oblivion which sees the return of Sil (Vengeance on Varos and MIndwarp  as well as the Big Finish Lost Story Mission to Magnus). This is written by Philip Martin (who wrote the previously mentioned Sil stories). The cover shows a London in decay and Sil is offering to help out…

February’s story is The Brood of Erys (from which I clipped the image at the start of this piece) by Andrew Smith. Andrew has written many pieces for Big Finish and for TV including Vengeance of the Stones, Invasion of E-space and Full Circle. What is the dark secret of the moon of Erys and who or what has captured Flip?

The trilogy ends in March with Scavenger by William Gallagher (Spaceport Fear and Wirrn Isle both Sixth Doctor stories and the latter from the previous Flip trilogy). It’s 2071 and Flip is in space as they watch Salvage 2 embark on its mission to clear the skies of space junk. What happens when something unexpected is encountered?

There we have it, something to look forward to in 2014 (along with plenty of non-Doctor Who titles).

Are you looking forward to Flip? Does it sound like a good trilogy? Do you feel that the stories will keep the standards high? Let me know!

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