Torchwood vs Doctor Who Monsters announced

Torchwood vs Doctor Who Monsters.jpgJust a few days before Big Finish Day 2018 (so what’s announced then?!) is an intriguing set of details about the 2019-20 run of Torchwood monthly titles from Big Finish. The covers give away some details of the first four releases: each is a crossover with a monster from Doctor Who!

The Monsters come to Torchwood

The news item is: TORCHWOOD VS DOCTOR WHO MONSTERSThere’s Siytheen, Fendahl, Suzie, Gwen. Rhys, Jack and even Jo Grant (or Jo Jones to be more precise). Is that Rhys as an Auton? The four stories are:

  1. March 2019: Night of the Fendahl by Tim Foley and Gwen is the victim
  2. April 2019: The Green Life by David Llewellyn with Captain Jack, Jo Jones and husband Professor Clifford Jones, played by Stewart Bevan who played the part in The Green Death
  3. May 2019: Sync by Lisa McMullin, and Suzie Costelloe is up against Annette Badland as Slitheen Margaret Blaine
  4. June 2019: Sargasso by Christopher Cooper and Rhys has to deal with intelligent plastic waste.

Roll on 2019!

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