Torchwood on Mars and other 2020 releases

Big Finish has announced details of the most varied selection of new Torchwood titles I can remember since they started. Hold onto your hats! Sgt Andy Davidson is fresh from Baker Street and the Eighth Doctor Stranded range and here he is, back in Torchwood and on Mars! Full details follow…

Torchwood Sargasso review

Sargasso by Christopher Cooper was the June 2019 Torchwood release from Big Finish. Its main character is Rhys Williams (Kai Owen), who finds himself on a container ship stranded in waters he’d rather not be in. The cover gives a lot away, but that’s just the invitation to the party, assuming your idea of a…

Torchwood vs Doctor Who Monsters announced

Just a few days before Big Finish Day 2018 (so what’s announced then?!) is an intriguing set of details about the 2019-20 run of Torchwood monthly titles from Big Finish. The covers give away some details of the first four releases: each is a crossover with a monster from Doctor Who!

Torchwood: We Always Get Out Alive review on CultBox

Torchwood: We Always Get Out Alive is another rock-solid Guy Adams story, and another jewel in the crown of the monthly Torchwood range. I put some thoughts behind that opinion in a piece for CultBox: Torchwood: We Always Get Out Alive review. === Message Ends ===  

Torchwood: Aliens Among Us 1 review

So, we now have the first set of Torchwood stories set in what would have been (so we are informed) the fifth series of the TV show. Heavily informed by Children of Earth and ignoring (so far, and I hope permanently) Miracle Day, this is a Phoenix like rebirth in the city of Cardiff and more than just a set…

The return of Captain John

Another TV returnee to the Big Finish Torchwood range, this time James Masters is back as Captain John. The story is the wonderfully titled The Death of Captain Jack. David Llewellyn has tackled everything Torchwood in this story, and we are promised Ianto Jones, Norton Folgate, Rhys Williams, Queen Victoria ann PC Andy! The news item is: CAPTAIN JOHN…

Torchwood Aliens Among Us announced

Announced today is a new Torchwood boxset and effectively Torchwood Series 5. Released in three four-disc boxsets starting in August 2017, Torchwood: Aliens Among Us is about the rebuilding of the Cardiff base and a darker version of Cardiff. Others sets will appear in October 2017 and in the new year. This is effectively a 12 episode season!

Scott’s Clues for #Torchwood

The Big Finish Torchwood/ Doctor Who mystery continues (see What are Big Finish cooking up next for Torchwood? and Is Jackie Tyler joining Torchwood?). Careful stalking perusing of Scott Handcock’s timeline (see Scott to the left) gives a few more clues…

Long live Torchwood 3

Big Finish has released the cover for the final story in the first Torchwood series – More than this by Guy Adams. Not only are we promised a little cameo (PC Andy?) but this also continues forward from Forgotten Lives and big news – the Hub aka Torchwood 3 is coming back! -!- Message Ends -!-

Torchwood: Forgotten Lives review

In a bold stroke, the Big Finish Torchwood range grabs the headlines in Forgotten Lives, with two returning characters and sets a high-tide mark. We get Eve Myles and Kai Owen back as husband and wife Gwen Cooper and Rhys Williams, and learn this story is set years after Miracle Day. Emma Reeves (prolific writer for BBC, including Tracy Beaker)…