Scott’s Clues for #Torchwood

Scott HandcockThe Big Finish Torchwood/ Doctor Who mystery continues (see What are Big Finish cooking up next for Torchwood? and Is Jackie Tyler joining Torchwood?). Careful stalking perusing of Scott Handcock’s timeline (see Scott to the left) gives a few more clues…


First off, today Scott has tweeted he is on Day 6 of a 7 day marathon of recordings (a recordathon if you well [apologies]):


Yesterday we learned Kai Owen was in studio, presumably as Rhys:

Unlike John Barrowman, Kai is using the #Torchwood tag, not #DrWho. I also spotted Scott tweeting to Sarah Douglas (Ursa in the first two Christopher Reeves Superman films), and she also tweeted this:

So, what does it all mean? Seven days means seven discs, so it’s either a whole new Torchwood series, or perhaps a couple of special boxsets? Maybe Scott will tell us more; when I tweeted him he was looking forward to his third studio in a week. More when it emerges!

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