Torchwood Aliens Among Us announced


Announced today is a new Torchwood boxset and effectively Torchwood Series 5. Released in three four-disc boxsets starting in August 2017, Torchwood: Aliens Among Us is about the rebuilding of the Cardiff base and a darker version of Cardiff. Others sets will appear in October 2017 and in the new year. This is effectively a 12 episode season!

Torchwood Season 5

Russel T Davies has been involved in the creation of this epic set of releases, and there will be a mix of new and returning characters (including Captain Jack, Gwen Cooper, Rhys Williams and Sgt Andy Davidson). Full details are on the Big Finish website: NEW SERIES 5 OF TORCHWOOD: ALIENS AMONG US!

Writers for the first set include Juno Dawson and AK Benedict.


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