Torchwood: The Future’s so bright we gotta wear shades!

Big Finish has confirmed another run of stories for Team Torchwood, and to celebrate Ianto, Gwen, Jack, Toshiko and Owen have booked a holiday (if you trust the picture!). The new batch of twelve Torchwood tales starts in April 2020 – we have some details…

Torchwood: Night of the Fendahl review

The 2019 Torchwood meets Doctor Who monsters season began with the April release, Night of the Fendahl. Perhaps not the most obvious of classic monsters to revisit, in the hands of writer Tim Foley it’s a superb listen (and let’s not forget the sound work of Mark Hendrick.)

Torchwood vs Doctor Who Monsters announced

Just a few days before Big Finish Day 2018 (so what’s announced then?!) is an intriguing set of details about the 2019-20 run of Torchwood monthly titles from Big Finish. The covers give away some details of the first four releases: each is a crossover with a monster from Doctor Who!

Torchwood: Believe review

Set during the show’s second season, Torchwood: Believe gives fans the full-cast adventure they’ve wanted since Big Finish first produced the range. There’s no Rhys, but we do have Jack, Gwen, Ianto, Owen and Toshiko. It’s a three-disc story from the mighty pen of Guy Adams, directed by Scott Handcock.

Torchwood: We Always Get Out Alive review on CultBox

Torchwood: We Always Get Out Alive is another rock-solid Guy Adams story, and another jewel in the crown of the monthly Torchwood range. I put some thoughts behind that opinion in a piece for CultBox: Torchwood: We Always Get Out Alive review. === Message Ends ===  

Torchwood: Aliens Among Us Part 3 review

With its third four-disc boxset, series 5 of Torchwood comes to a end, even if not every storyline gets a conclusion. If nothing else, there is plenty that could (should?) happen, and a follow-on series would be most welcome. Meanwhile, back in Cardiff, a surprise visitor has upset several apple-carts at Torchwood. Welcome back Yvonne Hartman!…

Torchwood Believe announced

Great (and surprise) news for Torchwood fans today as Big Finish announces Torchwood: Believe a full-cast drama with Captain Jack, Gwen Cooper, Ianto Jones, Owen Harper and Toshiko Santo!

Torchwood Aliens Among Us Part 2 review

We’re back in alien-infested Cardiff for another boxset of in the new era of Torchwood with Aliens Among Us Part 2. Just to remind, there are new aliens (Ng and Orr), new members of the team (Colchester in particular), we still have Gwen, Rhys, Sgt Andy and Captain Jack, along with others such as Tyler and…

Torchwood: Aliens Among Us 1 review

So, we now have the first set of Torchwood stories set in what would have been (so we are informed) the fifth series of the TV show. Heavily informed by Children of Earth and ignoring (so far, and I hope permanently) Miracle Day, this is a Phoenix like rebirth in the city of Cardiff and more than just a set…

Torchwood Aliens Among Us announced

Announced today is a new Torchwood boxset and effectively Torchwood Series 5. Released in three four-disc boxsets starting in August 2017, Torchwood: Aliens Among Us is about the rebuilding of the Cardiff base and a darker version of Cardiff. Others sets will appear in October 2017 and in the new year. This is effectively a 12 episode season!

Torchwood: Made You Look review on Cultbox

My review for Torchwood: Made You Look is now on CultBox: ‘Torchwood’ review: Season 2 of Big Finish’s audios concludes with ‘Made You Look’. I liked it, but did feel it wasn’t as excellent as the others in this range. Given how good they are, this is not an issue at all and I recommend it. — Message Ends…

The Legacy of UNIT

It’s June so it’s daily Doctor Who Legacy UNIT levels. We’ve had an updated client released (with its own bug causing some characters to duplicate) and this allows us to get daily updates with special levels aka the UNIT Daily Missions. So far the first of these has been a renamed Chapter 1 level, The Snowmen: Backstreets…