Torchwood 1.1: Everything Changes

To help deal with my CV lockdown (or whatever we call it), I’m taking advantage of the Torchwood boxsets on iPlayer. First up, Everything Changes. I won’t watch them all, just enough to really remind myself what I thought of it all before this blog!

Everything Changes (for Gwen Cooper)

First impressions are it’s as good as I remember. It looks good (early use of HD if I remember correctly), the cast all looks younger than in my head and it’s a well-crafted story. The use of rain is part of the fabric of this and Cardiff looms large. There are lots of little moments we now know link out to various other episodes, the Doctor’s hand and a nice conversation about Jack not wanting to get pregnant… again!

There are a few convenient moments, such as Gwen happens to be sent to hospital at exactly the right time to see Jack run upstairs, but the script flows very well. Eve Myles really is very good and the whole cast does a good job.

The Torchwood 3 base is really part of the cast and the reveals are good, including the Thunderbird style elevator to the stones. Ianto’s tourist office with its Man From Uncle reveal of the secret door also works well.

Listening to the sound track also shows quality with interesting use of percussion from Murray Gold.

I’d wonder just how many meals Rhys would cook and the biggest gap between memory and fact was Suzie Costelloe. I recalled her from the Keep Killing Suzie episode as being aggressive and unlikable; here she’s obsessed with work and very emotional. Not that it stops her killing Jack!

I’d still like to see Torchwood 2 one day, but overall I liked this episode then and I like it now. Yes it tries a bit hard to not be Doctor Who but not as much as I remember. If you’ve not watched for a while, give it a watch!

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