Children in Need 2018

If you didn’t catch (or want to see again) the 2018 Children in Need sequences with Jodie Whittaker and team, you can do so here: Children In Need 2018.

A new Doctor Who attraction for Cardiff?

Following the closure of the Doctor Who Experience, WalesOnline are suggesting it might be replaced! Read all about it here: A new Doctor Who attraction could be coming to Cardiff. %%% Message Ends %%%

Doctor Who Experience – March 2017

So, I topped off my visit to Cardiff (after seeing Ianto’s Shrine) with a visit to the Doctor Who Experience. It would have been rude not to! Why now when it’s been open so many years? Well the weather was nice, I fancied a break and it’s meant to be closing soon! Was it worth it?…

What are Big Finish cooking up next for Torchwood?

Big Finish has been teasing something new with Torchwood. From various twitter and FaceBook posts, we know John Barrowman and Gareth David-Lloyd were recording something in Cardiff yesterday (May 17, 2016). We have some clues but need more — it looks like we might hear something official later today. Is it full cast Torchwood? I’d like to…

Dalek discount in Cardiff

If you find yourself in or around the Roath Park area of Cardiff, you might want to pop into the Field of Beans café and claim a 5% discount on a coffee. The snag? You have to order in a Dalek voice!