Ianto’s Shrine – March 2017

I was in Cardiff, wandering around the Bay on a lovely sunny day in March 2017 and visited Ianto’s Shrine. For those who don’t know (and there might be some), this is a fan memorial to the passing of Torchwood’s own Ianto Jones. If you want some background (and a good article), try this on CityMetricThe Ianto Shrine: The Cardiff landmark that commemorates a man who never wasHere I share my own impressions…

Ianto’s Shrine

For a fictional character, the shrine is something to behold. Taking up a whole wall, there’s dozens (hundreds?) of poems, letters, pictures and even some Big Finish covers. Interspersed are flowers and some photos. Fans may be unpredictable but I feel this says something about human nature. Sadly I don’t have the words to express what it is and yes it is worth saying a lot of real people die all the time yet don’t have this level of response from people they’ve never met.

As to me, I was startled by Ianto’s death, but see how it drove the story forward. I was also startled at the destruction of Torchwood 3 in Children of Earth, and in the previous season the death of Owen Harper and Tosh. Let’s also not forget the first episode killed Suzie Costello (the first time). I don’t have an agenda and it’s worth reading the summary (and comments by RTD) on the wiki page: Ianto Jones.

Anyway, I had a good time, the weather was nice and next stop was lunch then the Doctor Who Experience. Ianto’s Shrine added a moment to the day.

Have you visited? What did you think? Let me know!

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