Torchwood: Sync review

Lisa McMullins takes an interesting point in Torchwood history and puts a stake in the ground, adding to the continuity and (first and foremost) telling a good story, Sync. The cover tells us a lot. It’s Inidira Varma back as Suzie Costello (cheer) and Annette Badland as Slitheen Margaret Blaine (OK, cheer as well, though…

Torchwood vs Doctor Who Monsters announced

Just a few days before Big Finish Day 2018 (so what’s announced then?!) is an intriguing set of details about the 2019-20 run of Torchwood monthly titles from Big Finish. The covers give away some details of the first four releases: each is a crossover with a monster from Doctor Who!

Torchwood: Moving Target review on Cultbox

I reviewed the exceptional Guy Adams (him and the story!) adventure Torchwood: Moving Target for Cultbox. This is a Suzie Costello tale and Indira Varma is chilling in her recreation of Suzie as she finds herself saving the world, protecting Alex (Naomi McDonald) and debating with The Referee (Nicholas Burns). Another triumph for the range, and…

Suzie Costello will return to Torchwood

Another character makes a return to Torchwood in the Big Finish audios — Suzie Costello as played by Indira Varma. Her character made a big impact in a small number of episodes and she will appear in a Guy Adams story Moving Target. Full details: TORCHWOOD: SUZIE COSTELLO WILL RETURN! ((( Message Ends )))