More Iris on download

Big Finish has announced the availability of two more Iris Wildthyme releases on download. The press release follows.

More Iris Wildthyme coming in 2021

Big Finish has announced a fistful of Paul Magrs audiobooks, three of which feature Iris Wildthyme. Look forward to hearing Katy Manning and Louise Jameson later this year. The press release is below…

Third Doctor, Churchill and Daleks coming in May!

Coming this May, 2020 Third DoctorAdventures Volume 6. The cover gives away a lot but we now have even more details – the Brigadier is confirmed (hinted strongly on the page) as well as Sgt Benton. It’s the 1970s all over again!

Iris Wildthyme live!

As part of G’day of the Doctor a brand new Paul Magrs story for Iris Wildthyme will be performed live by Katy Manning, David Benson and…! The event is a collective project by Doctor Who fan to raise funds for Australian Bushfire relief. Full details and tickets on the Vauxhall Tavern site. It’s a one…

Doctor Who Short Trips – The Infinite Today review

The 2020 run of Short Trips kicked off with Sharon Bidwell’s first Big Finish story – The Infinite Today. Clearly a riff on Groundhog Day, Katy Manning performs this Jo Grant and Eleventh Doctor story. Nick Briggs takes the director’s seat and it runs at around 45 minutes.

The DWC takes a long look at Season 9

Tyler Harris takes us through his analysis of the Third Doctor‘s third set of stories, Season 9. Tyler also took a look at Season 8, so you might want to read that one first. His latest piece is: REVIEWED: DOCTOR WHO SEASON 9 – STICKING THE LANDING.

Legacy of Time: Sacrifice of Jo Grant review

Guy Adams takes The Legacy of Time to the midway point in the Third Doctor / modern UNIT crossover The Sacrifice of Jo Grant. There’s no real villain, and as Guy Adams also wrote the final story in the set, I’m looking for clues. I also want to be entertained. This story certainly does the…

The Same Face review for CultBox

I put together some thoughts on the June 2019 Julian Richard Doctor Who Short Trips: The Same Face for CultBox. The story is a Third Doctor tale with Jo Grant and performed by Katy Manning. The review is: Doctor Who Short Trips: The Same Face review. <<< Message Ends >>>

Third Doctor Adventures vol 5 review on CultBox

I did enjoy the recast Brigadier and Liz Shaw in The Third Doctor Adventures Volume 5, and am certain we will get more. Preferably a lot more of both. I put my thoughts into a review for CultBox: Doctor Who: Third Doctor Adventures Volume 5 review. <|| Message Ends ||>

Torchwood: The Green Life review

Continuing the curious yet rather fascinating run of Torchwood meets Doctor Who monsters is the wonderful The Green Life. It’s got Captain Jack, it’s got giant maggots, it’s got Jo Jones (Grant as was). Do you need to know more? Well it’s rather splendid and another David Llewellyn triumph. More? Well, let’s cover some ground…

New Short Trips covers revealed

Big Finish has released details of four more titles in the 2019 Short Trips range. As ever they look intriguing and full details here: DOCTOR WHO SHORT TRIPS. Nicola Bryant, Louise Jameson, Katy Manning and Nick Briggs are performing four very different titles. I have initial thoughts on them all…

The Tyrants of Logic review

I continue to catch up with belated Third Doctor reviews with the second story in The Third Doctor Adventures Volume 04. It’s the turn of Marc Platt and finally the Third Doctor gets to battle the Cybermen. It’s a strong piece of story-telling and reminds me of an article I read decades ago. Let’s chat…